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Blockchain is a new technology that has grown exponentially over the past ten years. The adoption of Bitcoin facilitated the growth of blockchain technology worldwide. Developing countries like Egypt usually like to understand emerging technologies such as blockchain. To fully understand blockchain technology, experts say that it takes around 100 hours of studying to grasp the concept and potential of blockchain technology fully. We at Pend hub aim to be Egypt's leading blockchain Solutions company. 

 The emergence of virtual machines and smart contracts on top of blockchain technology allowed businesses and users worldwide to create disruptive solutions that were never possible before blockchain and smart contracts. Egyptian companies started exploring blockchain infrastructures and how to build smart contracts to facilitate a different kinds of applications. The potential of blockchain technology is unknown yet, but the Global applications that are being developed are disrupting traditional markets.


The banking sector in Egypt started to investigate more how to use blockchain technology in the banking financial sector. Supply chain in Egypt also has benefited from technology, and many companies in the supply chain industry or exploring how to enhance their operation using blockchain. Pend hub Allows these companies to develop blockchain infrastructures and advise in creating supply chain blockchain Solutions. 

 The sports and entertainment industry has been looking into blockchain technology for the past 5-years. Football clubs in Europe and worldwide have been issuing fan tokens on top of blockchain to engage their fans. Major football clubs in Egypt or exploring the potential of blockchain technology and non-fungible-tokens (NFT) to engage their fans. Not only that, entertainment companies in Egypt are starting to realize the potential and the value of blockchain technology in the entertainment industry.


The global entertainment industry uses blockchain technology to create ownable digital assets such as NFT. The creation of NFTs on blockchain technology created more value for the entertainment industry. We are now witnessing movies turning into NFTs. Of course, we are now seeing digital art sold for millions of Dollars as NFT. We at pend hub assist entertainment companies in transitioning to blockchain and NFT. 

 Blocking technology is here to stay.


Companies worldwide started to identify different business models enabled by blockchain technology, and a new realm of possibilities is now open worldwide. There have been a lot of initiatives in Egypt that facilitate the understanding of blocking technology. Blockchain is a very complex subject; that's why many Egypt companies fail to grasp the concept and the potential of blockchain technology fully. The creation of Pend hub was motivated by the enormous demand from Egyptian companies who want to transition into blockchain and build blockchain infrastructure. We assist companies in the learning journey in understanding and developing blockchain-based solutions. 

No one knows how big blockchain can become, but all the people are heading to the blockchain. Many Egyptian youth are learning blockchain technology, and many Egyptian companies are starting to understand the potential of this disruptive technology. If you want to understand more or want us to assist you in your learning journey, drop us a line and we will contact you and explain more about blockchain technology. We organize events in Egypt and sometimes assist companies in training their engineers and executives on how to use blockchain and develop blockchain infrastructures. 

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