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Dpend is a phygital platform that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, enabling brands to create interactive, intelligent, and circular products for their customers and reimagine themselves away from traditional product-based models.

Our Story

Welcome to Dpend, the phygital platform that helps brands create interactive, intelligent, and circular products for their customers. Our goal is to bring the physical and digital worlds together, enabling brands to transform themselves beyond traditional product-based models.

We work with brands and artists to create phygital products through the Dpend platform. These products are created by adding a digital component, such as a NFC chip or QR code, to a physical product. The digital component is linked to a digital asset in the form of an NFT, which is owned by the customer who buys the product. The NFT grants access to special perks provided by the brand and artist, as well as others in the pend ecosystem.

The NFT also generates instant royalties for the artist on each resale and covers the production cost for the brand to recreate the product. This means that there is a limited number of NFTs available at the start, but this number can increase as long as all stakeholders continue to provide value to their communities through the NFT and the brand continues to recreate the physical product on each resale.

Our business model allows for a more circular and sustainable approach to product creation and consumption. We aim to create more physical and digital value for these products, which can then be resold to create new physical products through the brand.

It's important for all stakeholders to understand that in order for this physical collection to succeed, everyone must be committed to providing value to their communities through the NFT. Every digital passport has the option to recreate the physical product using the digital passport if they recycle the old one, or to sell the NFT and have the new buyer receive a new one. The re-sale of the NFT must be bound by a floor price to cover the production costs, artist utility, and Dpend fees.

Thank you for considering collaborating with Dpend. Our business model is designed to create value for all stakeholders involved. We charge a set fee per product and a technology and platform fee for the initial sale of a limited number of physical products at an agreed upon price. For re-sales, we charge a percentage fee on each transaction. The artist receives 10% of the re-sale, while the rest goes to the


Our Partners

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