Metaverse & Blockchain

Mypend is your access to the Metaverse. Mypend is the digital identity that allows you to access the Metaverse through blockchain technology. Mypend holds your data and keys to access major blockchains like Ethereum in a self-sovereign manner. Your digital identity also has wallets where you can store your money, tokens, and NFTs. Your digital identity through Mypend is based on your phone number and is saved on the Blockchain.


Join over a million Metaverse users!

Phone Number Login

Acsess the Metaverse & Blockchain Web 3.0 using your phone number 

Personalized Space

Create your own Metaverse Space that is comletly owned by you

Social Network

Collabaritive social network Spaces where you can collaborate with others


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Get early access to the Metaverse using my pend. We will provide the opportunity for your to create your own space on the Metaverse

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